Oakdoor Hardware Security Solutions

A rack with three Oakdoor Enterprise Diodes atop each other.

Making the world a safer place. Secure, simple, and cost-effective solutions to enhance your cybersecurity ecosystem.

Combating cyber threats

Oakdoor® Hardware Security Solutions provide uncompromising protection to data, safeguard sensitive information, and guard critical networks.

With robust security features, seamless integration, and compatibility with existing infrastructure, Oakdoor solutions provide a critical layer of protection against cyber threats – enabling organisations to remain compliant, mitigate risks, and safeguard their valuable assets.

By combining the principles of unidirectional data flow and hardware-based security, our solutions stand apart from traditional software-based security measures.

Developed at PA’s Global Innovation and Technology Centre (GITC), Oakdoor solutions combine innovative thinking and breakthrough technologies to combat modern day cyber threats.

The Oakdoor edge

Hardware-based approach to cybersecurity

By implementing security-enforcing functions in hardware as opposed to software, systems are much less susceptible to attacks, hacking attempts, and malware.

State-machine-based security-enforcing functions (SEFs)

Ensure that the SEFs cannot be changed or compromised, so you can be confident that you are performing the expected security checks on your data.

Protocol breaks implemented in the diode

Allow for protocol attack protection at the most fundamental level of the network.

Support recognised design patterns

Implement key stages of the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Security principles for cross-domain solutions and NCDSMO Raise the Bar (RTB).


Oakdoor Data Diodes

Simple and secure hardware components to create your cross-domain solution.

Oakdoor Gateway

Single-box solutions for bidirectional data transfer.

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