Critical national infrastructure

Critical national infrastructure, from power stations and water services to transport networks and telecommunications, are essential to keeping a country running. Many of the systems they use are heavily digitised and centralised, and any service failure has immediate impact on society.

From power stations to transport networks

Water systems, for example, depend on reliable network connections to safely operate sensors and control systems, which often happens remotely. If hackers get into these systems, it can impact millions of people and businesses.

When you combine the vast number of systems and speed of software aging (any applications that haven’t been updated for a few weeks are probably unsafe) with the ever-evolving sophistication of cyber attacks, protecting critical national infrastructure becomes a real challenge.

A safe path to export and monitor data

Oakdoor Data Diodes are an efficient way to protect large numbers of systems.

Introducing our ‘hardsec’ (hardware-based security) solution at the network perimeter allows data to travel only one way. This provides a safe path to export and monitor data in operational environments and protect legacy IT systems.

The Oakdoor Gateway family of products contains combinations of import and export diodes, as well as internal purpose-built servers, and provides controlled two-way data transfers that enable safe remote management and operation of even the most important critical national infrastructure systems.


Oakdoor Data Diodes

Simple and secure hardware components to create your cross-domain solution.

Oakdoor Gateway

Single-box solutions for bidirectional data transfer.

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Defence and security

Our cybersecurity defence diodes are developed in partnership with the UK government, suitable for the most sensitive environments and compliant with NCSC and Raise the Bar (RTB) standards.


Oakdoor Data Diodes allow network connections and ensure military-grade cybersecurity protection. Learn why the pharmaceutical industry uses Oakdoor.

Financial services

As cyber-attacks become more sophisticated in financial services, building resilience requires measures that stop attacks and deploy cybersecurity technology.


By allowing only approved types of data traffic and one-way data flows, our hardware-based data diodes prevent cloud cyber attacks.

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