As with many industries, pharma is moving towards more efficient, digitised systems. This digital transformation brings with it new challenges in protecting critical information and systems, such as research data, biological databases, and manufacturing facilities.

Protect your IP and research results

One way to protect against data leaks and operational cyber attacks is to segregate networks. But this disconnects departments and branches, making data transfers largely manual – a very inefficient and cumbersome way to operate.

A better solution is to use Oakdoor Data Diodes, which ensure government-grade protection from cyber attacks while allowing them to interact securely. The pharmaceutical industry can use Oakdoor to protect intellectual property and research results related to vaccine development and clinical trials.


Oakdoor Data Diodes

Simple and secure hardware components to create your cross-domain solution.

Oakdoor Gateway

Single-box solutions for bidirectional data transfer.

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Defence and security

Our cybersecurity defence diodes are developed in partnership with the UK government, suitable for the most sensitive environments and compliant with NCSC and Raise the Bar (RTB) standards.

Critical national infrastructure

An efficient way to protect critical infrastructure cluster systems is to introduce a hardware-based cybersecurity solution at the network perimeter.

Financial services

As cyber-attacks become more sophisticated in financial services, building resilience requires measures that stop attacks and deploy cybersecurity technology.


By allowing only approved types of data traffic and one-way data flows, our hardware-based data diodes prevent cloud cyber attacks.

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