Cloud providers use ultra-secure Zero Trust Network architectures to keep their customers’ data safe and separated. But while data privacy is achieved, networks are still vulnerable to increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks from the data itself, which can still attack any computer network.

Prevent hacking

Using our hardware-based Oakdoor Data Diodes prevents hacking by ensuring data content is safe for subsequent processing by software.

In hybrid cloud setups, where customers hold some of the physical infrastructure, the customers often want to enforce specific data and network security policies as defined by their organisation. The most secure way to achieve this is to incorporate data diodes and strict content inspection into the cloud infrastructure at data export policy enforcement points.

Government-grade hardware and security specifications

The Oakdoor family of products are based on government-grade hardware and security specifications, even the most sensitive networks and data are well protected and can form part of the cloud infrastructure.


Oakdoor Data Diodes

Simple and secure hardware components to create your cross-domain solution.

Oakdoor Gateway

Single-box solutions for bidirectional data transfer.

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Defence and security

Our cybersecurity defence diodes are developed in partnership with the UK government, suitable for the most sensitive environments and compliant with NCSC and Raise the Bar (RTB) standards.


Oakdoor Data Diodes allow network connections and ensure military-grade cybersecurity protection. Learn why the pharmaceutical industry uses Oakdoor.

Critical national infrastructure

An efficient way to protect critical infrastructure cluster systems is to introduce a hardware-based cybersecurity solution at the network perimeter.

Financial services

As cyber-attacks become more sophisticated in financial services, building resilience requires measures that stop attacks and deploy cybersecurity technology.

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