Oakdoor Data Diodes

Simple and secure hardware components for your cross-domain solution.

Simple and secure hardware components

Oakdoor Data Diodes guarantee a one-way data flow via hardware, as opposed to firmware or software. This means that there is no way to reverse the one-way data flow without breaking the laws of physics. 

By implementing key stages of the UK National Cyber Security Centre’s (NCSC) design patterns for Safely Importing Data and Safely Exporting Data, Oakdoor products are accredited for use in even the most secure environments. 

Our data diodes are the first to implement hardware-based syntax verification that allow structured data to enter, while ensuring that potentially malicious data will always be identified and handled in a safe way. By providing a protocol break at Layers 1-4, Oakdoor data diodes qualify as a protocol filtering device (PFD) as defined by NCDSMO’s Raise the Bar (RTB).

Benefits of data diodes

Data flow control

Provides extremely tight control of data flows across the network boundaries.

Customisable and high data throughput

Ideal for a variety of cross-domain applications that require flexibility and speed.

Hardware-enforced unidirectional flow control

Can be extended with application-specific Security Enforcing Functions (SEFs) based on NCSC design patterns.

Cross-domain solution core

The diode provides the core hardware component and the centre of a cross-domain solution implemented around the diode.

Dedicated management

Allows for remote management of the diode from a trusted management plane (Oakdoor Enterprise Diode only).

Let's compare

Which Oakdoor Data Diode is right for you?

Oakdoor 1G Diode in a vertical position.

Oakdoor 1G Diode

Oakdoor 10G Diode.

Oakdoor Enterprise Diode

1 Gbit/s throughput
10 Gbit/s throughput
Hardware content inspection
One-way data transfer
Datagram level processing
Technical support
Operational environments, IT/OT protection, access control, SOC hardening, secure data transfer
Lights out data centre, secure data transfer, secure cloud, segregation of networks

Use cases

Enabling secure browse-on

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Securing your software updates

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Protecting your IT/OT infrastructure

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Protecting your SOC/SIEM infrastructure

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