Guidance regarding Cross Domain Solutions from NCSC and NSA


Cross Domain Solutions


Advice on the latest techniques for protecting against cyberattack are available from organisations such as the NCSC in the UK or the NCDSMO in the USA.

Guidance from NCSC and NCDSMO starts at the architectural level: ensuring that data is protected at rest and in transit, going right down to the lowest levels of the protocol. This ensures that systems are protected against network and content-based attacks.

Guidance for Cross Domain Solutions

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What is a Cross Domain Solution (CDS)?

A Cross Domain Solution (CDS) secures data transfer between different security domains using software, hardware, or hybrid methods.

Where are Cross Domain Solutions (CDS) used?

Cross Domain Solutions protect sensitive data in healthcare, finance, and beyond, ensuring secure data separation.

How to design the most optimal Cross Domain Solution (CDS)?

Oakdoor 10 Gigabit diode ensures high throughput for demanding applications, optimising integrated hardware/software CDS.

What do data diodes do?

Oakdoor data diodes prevent malware, unauthorised access, and leakage by enforcing one-way data flow, blocking attacks.

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