How to design the most optimal Cross Domain Solution?


Cross Domain Solutions


To create the most effective Cross Domain Solution (CDS), it's crucial to integrate both hardware and software components seamlessly. A typical CDS bridges low and high-security networks, making it essential to balance the data rates and capabilities of both its hardware and software elements. 

For example, the Oakdoor 10 Gigabit diode addresses the need for high data throughput in applications like video streaming, ensuring efficient and secure data flow while maintaining user experience.

Therefore, the design should prioritise compatibility between hardware and software, account for the specific data transfer requirements of your applications and ensure robust security measures to protect against potential threats at both ends of the security spectrum.

Workings of a Cross Domain Solution

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What is a Cross Domain Solution (CDS)?

A Cross Domain Solution (CDS) secures data transfer between different security domains using software, hardware, or hybrid methods.

Guidance regarding Cross Domain Solutions from NCSC and NSA

Cross Domain Solutions secure data with NCSC and NCDSMO guidance against various cyberattacks at all levels.

What do data diodes do?

Oakdoor data diodes prevent malware, unauthorised access, and leakage by enforcing one-way data flow, blocking attacks.

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