Oakdoor partners with Nexor to advance high assurance security solutions




Oakdoor, a pioneer in hardware-enforced security solutions, which is part of PA Consulting (PA), and Nexor, the leading specialist in Secure Information Exchange, have announced a strategic partnership to advance a high assurance cross domain solution for secure data sharing. The partnership will start to create highly integrated software guarding and hardware verification solutions –with the aim of making access to data more secure and manageable for customers using multiple security domains worldwide.

Oakdoor has revolutionised data diodes in recent years, raising security standards and diode performance whilst reducing their complexity and cost. Meanwhile, Nexor has over 30 years’ experience in delivering secure information exchange at the highest level. By working together and sharing their expertise, the two companies will work to make the most secure cross domain solutions available to a wider range of customers.

The partnership will enable Nexor’s GuarDiode to be combined with Oakdoor’s cutting-edge data diodes to form a powerful cross domain solution, which will deliver unparalleled protection and resilience against evolving cyber threats. This is because Nexor’s software detects and removes malicious content by validating data against comprehensive information management policies. This allows controlled filtering of sensitive information assets into and out of critical systems. Meanwhile, Oakdoor's UK CAPS approved data diodes are a critical hardware component for eliminating infiltration or exfiltration attack vectors within the cross domain solution.

We are excited to announce our partnership with Nexor, which aims to bring this high assurance cross domain solution to the market. By integrating Oakdoor's National Cyber Security Centre approved diodes with Nexor's proven protocol and management software system, we are creating a more holistic solution for customers that are working at the highest classification levels.
Founder and Head of Product at Oakdoor
We are thrilled to partner with Oakdoor, part of PA Consulting, combining Nexor’s advanced software with robust hardware to enhance market support and innovation. By harnessing exceptional engineering prowess alongside advanced software and hardware development, this strategic alliance positions both companies to pioneer more cohesive and impactful solutions, steadfastly advancing our pledge to excellence and customer satisfaction.”
Managing Director at Nexor

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