What is a Cross Domain Solution (CDS)?


Cross Domain Solutions


A Cross Domain Solution (CDS) is a system designed to protect the access and exchange of vulnerable information or data between two or more domains or networks.

Organisations that hold particularly sensitive information, such as government departments, recognise ‘high’ and ‘low’ trust domains depending on the security classification of the data within. Simply put, a cross domain solution is a connector between these domains allowing secure movement of data to and from a low domain to ensure sensitive information from the high domain can’t leak out or be stolen.

All about Cross Domain Solutions

What are the types of Cross Domain Solutions?

There are many ways a high domain can be connected to the low domain:

1. Software CDS

A type of security system that uses only software to transfer data between different security domains. The most common example is a firewall. Typically, they are more flexible as they can be easily updated and are also cost-effective, however, are more vulnerable to attack.

2. Hardware only CDS

A type of security solution that uses physical hardware devices to transfer data between different security domains. While they are more secure, and purpose built, they do not provide the flexibility of a software-based CDS. While they are more secure and purpose built, they do not provide the flexibility of a software-based CDS

3. Hybrid CDS

A system that combines both hardware-based and software-based solutions to provide a more flexible and secure solution. With hardware first in line protecting the software that’s behind it, hybrid CDS gives the increased security of the hardware and the flexibility of the software.

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Where are Cross Domain Solutions (CDS) used?

Cross Domain Solutions protect sensitive data in healthcare, finance, and beyond, ensuring secure data separation.

Guidance regarding Cross Domain Solutions from NCSC and NSA

Cross Domain Solutions secure data with NCSC and NCDSMO guidance against various cyberattacks at all levels.

How to design the most optimal Cross Domain Solution (CDS)?

Oakdoor 10 Gigabit diode ensures high throughput for demanding applications, optimising integrated hardware/software CDS.

Oakdoor Data Diodes

Oakdoor Data Diodes guarantee a one-way data flow via hardware, as opposed to firmware or software.

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