One-way secure data transfers


Oakdoor™ data diodes guarantee one-way data flow based on the laws of electrical physics.

By implementing the UK National Cyber Security Centre’s design patterns for safely importing and exporting data, they’re usable in even the most secure environments. Oakdoor is the only data diode to implement hardware based syntax verification which allows structured data to enter, but ensures that potentially malicious data will always be identified and handled in a safe way.


Front view of Oakdoor™ data diodes

Oakdoor™ Basic Diode

Secure one-way ethernet bridge

The Oakdoor™ Basic Diode is designed to be the simplest one-way cyber security device at the ethernet level (layer 2). It guarantees data flow in one direction only, meaning data can simply pass through the Diode in the desired direction without protocol breaks or content inspection and without the possibility of an attack in the other direction.

Oakdoor™ Basic File Diode

Secure one-way file transfers

Oakdoor™ Basic File Diode is a ‘hardsec’ network security device that allows files to travel in one direction only.  The Oakdoor™ uses hardware to implement its one-way transfer function, so firmware and software can’t change it. This also means files transfer to and from the device using the standard TFTP protocol.

Oakdoor™ Import Diode

One-way data flow with syntax verification

Oakdoor™ Import Diode uses one-way flow control to import structured data, such as log data or PDFs, safely into your organisation. The Diode implements the file syntax verification stages of the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) Safely Importing Data design pattern.

Oakdoor™ Export Diode

Secure control of data release

Oakdoor™ Export Diode is a network security device that enforces policies for secure data release from even the most sensitive environments. When integrated into the authorisation workflow, the Oakdoor™ Export Diode provides the final anchor in the chain of trust before data is released.